Maguire Loop Trails

hills and sky seen from the north of the park

Looking North

Welch Creek Road is the hidden part of Sunol Regional Park. The area has a short loop trail that is not often visited and so makes for a place of solitude. The most enjoyable part of the trail for my taste is the initial assent. A single lane path follows up the side of the creek. Trees on either side provide a light cover without closing off the sky. In the spring the trail is muddy requiring care in places. On this particular day a tree is across the path adding to the fun of negotiation.

fallen trunks across the creek


Once you leave the creek you continue to climb up through a meadow area until you reach the loop trail. Although not a long walk the range of views is diverse, creating a sense of spaciousness. When you start on the fire road turning right and following the road you are treated to views of the park hills and some of the rolling open areas.

looking down into the valley from the trail

Trail down to the creek

On the far side of the hill you see a sweeping view of Dublin and Pleasanton with a backdrop of Mount Diablo.

hills and sky seen from the trail

Mt Diablo in the distance



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