Round Valley


Notes on the trail

It’s not clear from the map but we started in Round Valley and hiked into Los Vaqueros.

Before reaching the reservoir we turned up the hill and hiked to the boundary of Morgan Territory. It’s a good climb that produces sweeping views of the water. Lunch at the gate, disturbed only by a squeaky bicycle coming up the hill.

This is a great time to visit Round Valley. In the summer it can get very hot, I’ve recorded over 105F, but today it was warm and pleasant. Everything is green. There are still flowers around, some of the meadowland is a rich sea of flowers but it’s hard to do it justice with a camera.
There were squirrels everywhere. Most were skittish but some seemed remarkably unafraid as they stood on the side of the fire road watching us go by.
Our one snake was laying in the sun on the path, but our picture taking activity seemed to disturb it and off into the grass it slithered.

Mostly in the mid 70’s with clear blue skies.

Wild Life
Gopher snake (I believe), ground squirrels, ground squirrels and more ground squirrels.

Park Web Site

Trail Map


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