Palomarin Trail

early morning fog over the shore

Early morning fog

I’m not a well traveled person, but of all the places I’ve been the locations that continually call me back are the shorelines of Devon, Cornwall and Northern California. There is something inspiring about the sweeping cliffs and vast ocean views. This hike brought all that back. The sky was blue, the temperature moderate, and for long periods you could find isolation from other hikers.
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Bodega & Bodega Bay


Yes, there are two distinct places although they are adjacent, and together they formed the backdrop for the filming of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 movie “The Birds”. In case you don’t know, both are located about an hour north of San Francisco on Route 1. Well, to be accurate, Bodega is about a quarter of a mile off Route 1 on Bodega Highway.

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Why Do We Go To Polperro?


It’s probably redundant to say that we live in a world of abundant choices for entertainment. Given the financial assets, we have access to thousands upon thousands of videos and movies, millions of songs, hundreds of television channels, hundreds of radio channels, millions of books, cruises that provide constant entertainment between shore visits, the world packaged in one place-Las Vegas, and air travel to almost any part of the world.

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