Morgan Territory – A Good Starting Hike.


If you haven’t hiked Morgan Territory this route is a good introduction to the east side of the park.


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You usually find a trail map at the staging area.
Start from the staging area going up the small hill on the Volvon trail and keep going to the Blue Oak Trail. For the new visitor this walk provides the occasional sweeping views of the local area.
From the Blue Oak Trail take the Miwok Trail. More sweeping views of the plain to the east as you descend to the valley. From the Miwok Trail take the Manzanita Trail, if you reach the gate for Los Vaqueros Watershed you’ve gone too far. Simply backtrack until you see the Manzanita Trail heading along the valley floor. This trail provides a delightful walk under the shade of the trees on the valley floor. It’s a very quiet and peaceful location.
From the lowest point on the trail you start your climb back up out of the valley until you reach the junction with Valley View Trail. Go right at the junction, the trail will take you down and then back up until you reach the junction with Volvon Loop Trail. Note that there are two junctions, the first emerges from your left; ignore that trail and continue up the hill to find the junction at the top of the hill. Take a right onto the Volvon Loop Trail and within a few hundred yards you will reach the “apex” of the hike. At this point the trail turns back and starts towards the staging area. To your right there is a small cluster of trees that make a good stopping point. A small unofficial trail takes you from the hiking path to the trees. There is a collection of rocks under the trees and here you can find a good place to sit and take in the view.
To continue the return leg, head along the Volvon Loop Trail to the Volvon Trail which you then follow for a couple of miles until you reach the Condor Trail on your right. This is a narrow trail that crosses a hill and takes you back to within sight of the car park. You take the Coyote Trail up the hill to the staging area to finish the hike.

Hike Details

Total Distance: 7 Miles
Elevation: High~2100ft Low~1400ft

More Information

Destination Website: Park Web Page
Map: Park Map

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