Malta: Overwhelming


The rotunda at Mosta with its classical facade almost seduces you into thinking that the inside of the church will be a quite victorian style church but walk through the door and the tsunami of color and images can be overwhelming. The depictions, the mass of colors, the paintings, the statues, the gold decor and the altar make it hard to know where to start. Try to take it all in and you could drown in overwhelm.
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Why Do We Go To Polperro?


It’s probably redundant to say that we live in a world of abundant choices for entertainment. Given the financial assets, we have access to thousands upon thousands of videos and movies, millions of songs, hundreds of television channels, hundreds of radio channels, millions of books, cruises that provide constant entertainment between shore visits, the world packaged in one place-Las Vegas, and air travel to almost any part of the world.

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