Deftly Dog


We’re traveling home from a walk along the lake in Sly Park. As the VW Micro Bus follows the twisting road up the hill we can’t help but lean first to one side and then the other.

It was definitely a journey to be belted in to your seat, but in spite of this our fellow passenger insisted on taking the lookout position…..
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Nisene Marks


Fire road into the forest

The way in

The first half of the trail is a fire-road that takes you gradually up to Sandy Point overlook. On the early part of the trail you find the explantation of the area history and how the logging industry was prevalent here 100 years ago. Hard to imagine there was so much industrialization, saw mill, railway etc, in what is now a thickly wooded area – nature as an irresistible force, always lurking in the background waiting for when civilization drops its guard. Continue reading “Nisene Marks” »