An Unexpected Visitor

blue heron sitting on our garden fence

The Visitor Looking into next doors pond

Not a hiking trip but a note about an unexpected visitor.

If you have any experience of parrots you will know that they can be very noisy. On the other hand their patterns are usually predictable and so when our parrot recently started squawking at the top of his voice it was apparent that something was wrong.
A quick visit to the cage revealed nothing amiss, just a very noisy little guy making more noise than the England supporters at Wembley.

A look outside revealed this heron perched on the fence. Standing there like he owned the place.
Underneath him on the other side of the fence is a fishpond and I assume that is the reason he landed.

I moved too close trying to get a better shot and he took off, which was amazing to watch. With fully extended wings he looked as though he wouldn’t be able to get around the trees and between the houses but there was no problem and he quickly disappeared.